Great Software to Download

Here's a list of software that is easily recomended to isntall on your PI!

Webbrowsing and Usage

Currently the only webbrowser that is actually good is Firefox for ARM64

Download Firefox for ARM64

Editing and Tweaking

Notepad++ works great and is a nice way to edit files, but it doesn't support ARM64, the 32bit version will run perfectly though

Download Notepad++

Notepad2 is another alternative to notepad, and it supports ARM64

Download Notepad2 for ARM64

Videos and Media

VLC has for a long time been regarded as one of the best video and media players around, and, it has native ARM64 support!
Note: VideoLan doesn't provid an installer on ARM64, so feel free to try my unofficial installer

Download VLC for ARM64 (click the down arrow and select ARM 64) Download VLC for ARM64 Unofficial Installer

Spotify is a great way to stream your music on any platform, although it doesn't have an ARM64 build, the 32bit version works fine on the PI

Download Spotify