Playing Games on the RPI

Wanting to play some games on the PI? Here's a list of games that should work alright!


There is a port of RetroArch to the ARM platform, which was done by driver1998, you can find the original topic on it here with more information on it. If you know how to do so, it's recomended to build an ARM build of RetroArch yourself, otherwise, here's a link.

Download RetroArch for ARM32

There's also a port of DOSBox-X to ARM64 which was also done by driver1998, which will allow you to play old DOS games on your system. If you know how to you should compile the latest version for ARM. Here's the source code to do so.

Download DOSBox-X for ARM64

If you're looking to play NES / Famicon games on the pi you can use Nestopia

Download Nestopia (Use 32Bit version)